It is said that a lost city lies at the bottom of Lake Ios. Many have tried to find it, none have brought back stories of success. Several have not returned.

The most notable mention of Eor is in this verse of an old song:

And at the bottom of Ios she lies
Her walls and roads washed o’er
The reflection of Roe in the night
And the banister leads to now’re

Many have speculated this to mean that Eor is a mirror image of Roe, but as large as Roe was, it would seem improbable to not find it or evidence of it beneath the clear, mountain-fed waters of Lake Ios.

Most say that Eor is just a fable, an imagined place where dreams went to live, but there are a few who believe it’s there, under the waves, waiting to be discovered and to divulge its secrets.


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