Merchant houses, stores, inns, and other establishments pepper the city and cater to nearly any need.


Three major merchants control most of the business in Grejtak. Others do business within the city, but none have as much pull and influence as House Renquist, Hose Errad, and the Ios Trading Company.

House Renquist

House Renquist is the oldest merchant house in Grejtak. They established a presence before the city was built, using the three rivers as a meeting place for other merchants traveling between realms. They deal primarily in standard goods and staples, but the turmoil in this region has caused them to look for alternate revenue streams. The current head of House Renquist is Marlon Renquist and his two brothers, Ezrak and Willem help run the business.

House Errad

House Errad was founded shortly after the Kingdom of Aeith established Grejtak as a viable city. They previously travelled here to trade in ores, gemstones, and other materials brought from deep in the Roespine Mountains. House Errad is currently a matriarchal house, run by Elisha Errad, great-great-granddaughter of Marcus Errad, the house founder. She is Half-Elf, and has taken House Errad into a time of profit beyond that of any before her.

Ios Trading Company

Originally founded in Aatondale along the Ios River just north of the Lake, the Ios Trading Company is known for dealing on both sides of the table. They are nearly always under suspicion by Aeithian authorities, but they are skilled and practiced at hiding their shady dealings or masking them as legitimate business. Lumber, skins and pelts, and textiles are the bulk of their business, but the recent run of lawlessness in Grejtak has allowed them to expand. The Ios Trading Company is currently fronted by a Triumvirate comprised of Jerrod Thistledown, Harkan Moores, and Ozard Ewards.


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