The Old Gods

The Old Gods abandoned Kharis long ago and the circumstances of their departure are lost in the dust of ages. A few names remain, but when they turned their backs on the people, the people reciprocated.

Olara is probably the most well-remembered of the Old Gods, and she was the Mother of Creation who swaddled the world to her bosom in its infancy. She grew it’s plants from her own womb, and filled the land with wondrous creatures. She had three sons whose names are ill-recalled whose never ending fighting spoiled it all.

Ysra is one of Olara’s three sons. He gave magic to the world. Wizards often have symbols on their clothing and books that are long perverted icons of Ysra’s holy symbol based on an 8-pointed star, though there is no known correlation.

Vorace is another of Olara’s sons. He was a master of the hunt and held dominion over the doorway to the afterlife. Many ceremonies that are performed for the dead are long-passed relics of the rituals once performed in his grace.

Harn is the last of Olara’s three sons who created the sentient beings of the world, though his ego was small and he rarely claimed his work. He and his brothers fought about this regularly.

Those are the rumors of the Old Gods, and not much else can be said of them by the very few who still do.

The Old Gods

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