The Oracle's Tower

Forje Roe resented his place in the royal family as the brother of the king and chose a life of seclusion and study to that of secondary royalty. He built a tower and conducted countless experiments, pushing the boundaries of decency, morality, and life. He and Serget often quarreled about the nature of his work, but the king allowed his brother to continue unmolested.

One day an experiment went fatally wrong and am explosion shook The Vale, leaving damage in its wake from the crown of the Roespine Mountains to the fork of the Ios River. Forje’s tower still stood, though the stone had shaken lose and Forje was no where to be found. In his study, only his staff remained, though a swirling, incandescent disc spun in the center of the room.

Being close to the disc sometimes sent people into a dreamlike trance, delivering visions that always came to pass. The tower was there forward known as The Oracle’s Tower.

Early in The Juror’s Age the tower disappeared from its location along the southeast shore of Lake Ios. There are no records of its current location, though people in The Vale regularly report receiving visions from The Oracle.

The Oracle's Tower

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