Vicsburg is a mining settlement primarily inhabited by humans and dwarves, but with a strong enough tiefling representation that most of them who live in the Vale can trace their ancestry to this city. On the land, it’s a small collection of buildings of varying architecture and function. The majority of its population lives north under the Roespine Mountains, however.

Iron deposits are plentiful here, but three centuries of regular mining for resource trade with Aeith have forced the dwarves to go deeper still, and the twisting caverns chasing the veins of ore suffer from long forgotten ruins deep in the mountain, monster lairs within the ancient spine, and the natural dangers associated with being so far under the ground.

The best smiths in The Vale come here to study and their apprenticeships often begin in the mines where they learn the origins of their craft, mining and smelting their own ores before alloying and tempering them into arms and armor.

Rumors regularly surface about a great magical power locked deeper in the mountains than the mines reach, and it’s said that the Library of Roe is tucked away in a labyrinth of natural caverns and tunnels.


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