Whispers of War

Gossip Report: Sendok, 10th Durkos, 3712 J.A.

The Brothers Aaton are found!

The High Court gains intelligence leading to hope that Garran and Nemic Aaton are found. Sent directly to the Loups de Mort, two standard militia named Goret and Delen left to deliver the message and divert the Agents to retrieving their Lordships.

Inside sources indicate that the brothers are being kept east of the Ios in the Silverlight Forest. Cannibals! Yikes! Hopefully there are no Elves in the Loups de Mort!

More news as it arrives!

Mercenary Report: Roedock, 1st Cirvos, 3712 J.A.

More blood spilled in Ocklan on this day. The Greenskins are relentless. Never before have I seen them wage war this ferociously this far from Urgath M’Tal. A large troop of Aeithian foot soldiers had journeyed to Ocklan for reasons of their own design when the attack happened. At least two dozen orcs, mounted on giant wolves surged into the town pulling the Aeithian soldiers from stores, striking them dead in the streets, and speaking curses in their guttural language.

Oddly, the assault was confined to Aeithian soldiers, and a few of them got smart and doffed their armor and markings. Cowards? Maybe. But they’ll live to press the fight another day. No civilians were touched or disturbed and no property damaged or destroyed. It was almost as if they took great care and concern to make it that way.

Anyway, that’s all I have from this front. I just hope we don’t have too many more of those.

Trade Report: Ortendock, 14th Cirvos, 3712 J.A.

Without the Aeithian influence here in Grejtak, the Greenskin presence is greatly diminished. And those that do remain, mostly half-breeds, have behaved in a way consistent with good trade and fair swindling. Just this morning I sold a long bow to an orc who paid in gold, haggled reasonably, and left with his wares and naught else.

An outrider squad from Aeith passed through the city about, oh, three weeks ago. They were dead set on getting down the River Kharai as quickly as they could. They stopped in for supplies and rations and just as fast, they were gone. They had a strange band wrapped on their shields and weapons. Some sort of a banshee or wailing specter if I had to say for sure.

Whispers of War

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