Why the Gods Left

It’s been so long ago that few remember. Looking back makes us all feel a bit fuzzy. The gods have left us. They turned their eyes to other worlds? Did something kill them? Were they ever really there at all?

The real truth is that they continue to watch over The Vale and they do so with apathy and indignation. Iskar Aaton so grievously insulted and infuriated the gods that they allow war to wage all around us, yet they offer no solace; no sanctuary.

If you look deep enough in your heart, you will see that what I say is true. Aaton ripped this land from the gods and they ripped its people from their very hearts. Mark my words, the gods will return. And when they do, the people of The Vale will pay the price the Aatons have accumulated.

—Vyk Vyt, Peoril, 3710, J.A.

Why the Gods Left

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