Iskar Vale 5e

Bones and Coins and Bones and Coins

One step closer to finding the Wind

With the rightmost tomb emptied, the group looked around a bit more, some members moving on. Zara discovered that this tomb held interred Sylanna Roe, the eldest daughter. She tucked this knowledge away and moved out into the yard where a few of the others had already begun to open the second, smaller building. The door opened easily, Loups de Morts flowed in, and skeletons erupted from the inner chamber. At the same time the outer walls burst, sending shards of stone and dust everywhere.

Zara quickly let loose an enchantment covering the hidden skeletons in a mystical light that seemed to attract her companions’ blades. The skeletons on the other side of the building shambled forward. In the midst of all the chaos, a well-armored warrior charged in on a donkey and a cart, raised his shield to bash the walking bones, and unleashed a storm of fury.

The skeletons were quickly sent back to the ground and the second tomb searched.
Serget Roe’s eldest son, Marvolo, laid in final slumber here and another coin of the same mysterious metal quickly found and magically slipped into Zara’s pockets. The newcomer introduced himself and Templeton immediately realized that he was a member of House Ios’ mercenary squads. As everyone received him, they hatched a plan for the final tomb.

The double doors opened, Templeton rushed in and immediately rushed back out, though not of his own accord. An enormous skeleton in armor and carrying a shield guarded the tomb. They fought him diligently, eventually bring the bones to a crumpled pile, and searched the tomb. A third coin appeared at the hilt of the sarcophagus’ lid. Zara revealed that the tomb belonged to Serget Roe, the Once King of Kharsis, and Templeton discovered some writing on a tapestry far above the floor.

“The wind awaits on silver and gold time again. Suffocation and ruin lie before it”

Zara found an inscription on the sarcophagus itself that read:

“Eternally, the strength of pride guides us to victory
While the measure of action holds us in the balance
And the worm tunnels its way to the Wind”


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