Wild Elves


The wild elves of the Silverlight Forest are connected with the lands they claim. Few have chosen to stand up to these majestic, seemingly feral creatures. They often incorporate the flora and fauna in their dress and in their cunning traps. They seem to commune with the animals that make their home in the Silverlight, commanding them with chirps and whirs nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Those who have managed to make concessions with them often end up on the losing side of the deal, but the Silverlight Forest is abundant with natural resources and the natural protection that the elves provide the forest is enough to assuage the fears of interlopers.

Stories return to the civilized lands of elves who can command the very plants in the earth, holding foes in place while they fill them with stone-tipped, poison-coated arrows. Even more talk of wily creatures that can fade in and out of view at will.

The wild elves of the Silverlight Forest are not a foe for the timid or weak-willed.

Wild Elves

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